Be sure to check out the new. (WIRELESS-LESS) I get to act and show my skills on the 1's and 2's. It's written by my friend David Modigliani and it features tons of extremely talented folks. check out the New Works Festival website for more info. I'm extremely excited about this project. http://www.coopnwf.org/home.html


Wizard Singles coming soon!!!

Be on the lookout for the 1st wizard album cut from manateemann entitled "Tripdyfan." I will put it up here as soon as I figure out this technology with the help of my man John Sweet.


Animation + Sound by Cinematics

Beastie Boys vs Wu-Tang Clan

Here's one from a John L Sweet mixtape project back in '04 called "Check Ya Neck."

Mighty Shot

Friday the 13th: Dead Radio

Blunted loops, found sounds, and bleeps on a stoned soul picnic to Camp Crystal Lake. Special guests include Jason Voorhees. Hosted by John L. Sweet live and direct at Spider House. Thrills start at 9.

Friday, April 13th
Spider House

Aux Armes/Manatee Mann at Spider House Saturday 4/6

Manatee Mann redefines the happy hour starting around 4:00. Cinematics and John L. Sweet join in when the visuals start around 9:00. Don't miss a minute of Manatee Mann's career-record-breaking 10-hour megaset! We better hear some Bill Conti.

Saturday, April 4th
Spider House