My death waits like...

I wanna be killed like this guy. So, come on white ninjas, where ever you are... If you even exist.

New Video from Manateemann

Shot entirely in Busan, South Korea.


Aux Armes ripping it up in Brooklyn!

Here are some pics from our show at Collective Showing 1 at Brooklyn Fireproof. Thanks to Brian Mayer for taking them!





from Prevolutionariat: the Decagons

Decagon is a 10-song podcast that goes up every 2 weeks at prevolutionariat .

Decagon 032610 podcast here
Decagon 022610 podcast here
podcast here

the newer, more satisfying Tube Vacuum

Our music video blog has been running for about a year now + it was starting to need a little love.
Instead of waiting through 20 pages or whatever you can search by artist or director right from the front page now.
Check it: