Mitch moves on

...that's all for the Experience in this world.

freak flags everywhere at half mast today.

First Date: Logan and Jess from Aux Armes on Vimeo.

You would never believe what you can do with a remote control in the future.

The Scoot Inn - Saturday May 17th w/ Hobo D

Come to the Scoot @ 4th and Navasota this Saturday night for a nasty Aux Armes dance party. Guest dj : Hobo D

Video iPod Download: Aux Armes at SXSW 2008

Aux Armes at SXSW 2008 (part II) from Aux Armes on Vimeo.

This is the last part of our show from Thai Tara's SXSW closing party. You can download it for video iPods by visiting the Vimeo page and hitting the link in the lower right corner

Cup Cake Walk

To those who participated in the Easter Cup Cake Walk, you know how exciting it was. We thank you profusely.

Aux Armes at SXSW (part 1)

Aux Armes at SXSW 2008 from Aux Armes on Vimeo.

Jon Benner shot some footage of us at Thai Tara's SXSW closing party. Thanks to Paul for putting the party together.

Easter Sunday Show @ Scoot Inn

We will be performing at the Scoot Inn on Easter Sunday 9:30.(4th & Navasota) So come down and dance. We really like playing at this bar. It's a fun place and they have a pool table. The last time we were there tons of people showed and the dance floor was a cut-throat den for vixens and madmen. Word is they will be staying open late for the dance party. So, lets do it for jesus. Huh? Egg hunt?

All Rite Now (AV Remix)

All Rite Now (AV Cutup Remix) from Aux Armes on Vimeo.

Made entirely from audio + video slices of Free performing "All Right Now," with help from very special guests Jack Nicholson and Boz Scaggs.

The Messengers at SXSW

Watch the walls everywhere you go this week, indoors and out. There will be projections roaming loose throughout downtown:

Finished Ambassador Pics

This is what I'm using to control Ableton now. All arcade hardware, aluminum top panel by FPE, and a nice wood case courtesy of my man Michael Yates. It uses all key commands through a custom driver to handle playback, effects, editing, warping, UI, mouse clicks, scroll messages, and more, with a lot of tweaks (some strobe, some send double messages, etc):

VJ Cinematics Live Performance

Check out Cinematics dropping "20 Dollar" last year at The Bare All. She threw it down. I loved this whole show.

Rhythm Ontology Downloads

Taken from last year's Rhythm Ontology Disc:
(there should be more soon, a few no-label versions are still hanging around)

Jiggle Business - EPMD ft Serge Gainsbourg

Gets Difficult (No Nice Time)

Wood/Skin Diver/Ritual of the Nile/Jungle Love/303 Long 02

VHS Mixtape Flashback

Way back before I had a way to really edit video I used to make VHS pause tapes. Sometimes I'd chain decks together, but most of the time it was just flipping thru late nite cable hoping to get lucky. You might get The Knife Guy, maybe some choice TJ Hooker (check the sample for ODB's "I Can't Wait"), maybe a a crazy nature show. This is a highlight reel I made a few years ago for one of my favorites:

KOOP Comes Back This Friday

91.7 KOOP will be back on the air this Friday morning. Circuit Bent Radio played two big chunks of our Astrobahn 60807 disc on its last show January 2nd (big thanks to Scott for that one). You can download the show in two parts, here and here. Also hit up Circuit Bent's Myspace.