Some recent highlights from our neverending obsession with the instruments that connect human to machine:

This is a page from Cinematics' latest Modul8 setup on the Lemur.

I'm finished with my 1st custom hardware controller. We decided to call it The Ambassador. I've been too busy using it to get any finished photos, but here's a few in-progress shots:

Manateemann presents Women Work.

I am happy to announce that I have made my first disc. It's a dance mix entitled "Women Work". It was recorded live in one take during a Cantanker art opening and party at Women and Their Work gallery. I have lotsa copies. Leave a message here or on my space if you would like one. Artists include: MSTRKRFT, WAR, MR. ROGERS, DJ PREMIER, PILOOSKI, D.F.A., JUSTICE, MIDNIGHT STAR, MANATEEMANN... etc. It's house party gold.

MADE IN DETROIT this Thursday 6-28

The ParliaFunkadelicment Thang. The Stooges. Aretha Franklin.
J DIlla. Madonna. John Lee Hooker. ? and the Mysterians. Motown.

The best the Motor City has to offer, all night long, with Manateemann on the fader plus Cinematics on visuals and John L Sweet on sonics.

@Spider House, 9:30 PM

Cheeks this Friday!

We'll have our full lineup this Friday, bringing it to you hot, fast, and sweaty for hour after endless hour. You know you want it.

It all starts at 9:30, and it'll last as long as it has to.
@Spider House

Astrobahn 60807 Discs Are Ready

We had the full Aux Armes crew for Astrobahn this month, so it was obviously the best one ever. It was really hard to pick just 80 minutes from this show, but they don't make 5-hour CDs.
It's also the most bla-mazed disc ever. The leaf should almost be required for this one.

Highlights from the trip:

A Word From Our In Flight Hostess/AboveTheClouds(Overture)/Ennumeration Of Mistakes

Playing Games With El Capitan/Believe What You Hear/We Are In The Future/The Joint Chiefs Attack

The Best In The Entire World/Commit To The Blast

Soul Gets Easy (You Got It)/Horsell Common + The Heat Ray/There Is A War

The Desert Is A Circle

Wizard's Throne

Lookin Down The Barrel Of Mr Freedom/Life Out Of Balance

Bubbles/Taste the Mary Brain/Pour It Up

More Copies of Cheeks 4-19 Available, Hit Us Up

We ran out of these really fast the first time around, so drop us a line if you missed it & still need one. We also forgot to throw up any excerpts, so here you go:

So Fresh, So Clean (Remix)/Show + Tell/Be Alright/Let's Get It On

Tease Me Baby

Yum Yum Gimme Some/I Want More

Bring The Wildcat Noise/Pornographic Movies/Over + Over/Sex Shooter/Square-Pattern Freak Tales

Swamp It/Sad Song/Pause for Coolie HIgh


Come support us this Sunday at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown @ 9:30. We're going to be laying down some nasty styles for everyone, and hopefully we will go home champions. Cinematics will blow your mind and lick your funky emotions. Please come and cheer for us.


Be sure to check out the new. (WIRELESS-LESS) I get to act and show my skills on the 1's and 2's. It's written by my friend David Modigliani and it features tons of extremely talented folks. check out the New Works Festival website for more info. I'm extremely excited about this project.


Wizard Singles coming soon!!!

Be on the lookout for the 1st wizard album cut from manateemann entitled "Tripdyfan." I will put it up here as soon as I figure out this technology with the help of my man John Sweet.


Animation + Sound by Cinematics

Beastie Boys vs Wu-Tang Clan

Here's one from a John L Sweet mixtape project back in '04 called "Check Ya Neck."

Mighty Shot

Friday the 13th: Dead Radio

Blunted loops, found sounds, and bleeps on a stoned soul picnic to Camp Crystal Lake. Special guests include Jason Voorhees. Hosted by John L. Sweet live and direct at Spider House. Thrills start at 9.

Friday, April 13th
Spider House

Aux Armes/Manatee Mann at Spider House Saturday 4/6

Manatee Mann redefines the happy hour starting around 4:00. Cinematics and John L. Sweet join in when the visuals start around 9:00. Don't miss a minute of Manatee Mann's career-record-breaking 10-hour megaset! We better hear some Bill Conti.

Saturday, April 4th
Spider House