Astrobahn 60807 Discs Are Ready

We had the full Aux Armes crew for Astrobahn this month, so it was obviously the best one ever. It was really hard to pick just 80 minutes from this show, but they don't make 5-hour CDs.
It's also the most bla-mazed disc ever. The leaf should almost be required for this one.

Highlights from the trip:

A Word From Our In Flight Hostess/AboveTheClouds(Overture)/Ennumeration Of Mistakes

Playing Games With El Capitan/Believe What You Hear/We Are In The Future/The Joint Chiefs Attack

The Best In The Entire World/Commit To The Blast

Soul Gets Easy (You Got It)/Horsell Common + The Heat Ray/There Is A War

The Desert Is A Circle

Wizard's Throne

Lookin Down The Barrel Of Mr Freedom/Life Out Of Balance

Bubbles/Taste the Mary Brain/Pour It Up

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